Why stop @ healthy skin? Don't worry, we didn't! #SZ will introduce its KOI KINKS HAIRLINE early summer! Keep in touch for updates! 

#SZ POPsicle Lotion Rescue Line

 Get ready to enjoy a refreshing treatment for use after a day in the sun! This line is designed to quickly relieve stress on skin caused by  sunburn or other irritations. #SZ POPsicle Lotion Rescue is designed to stay in the fridge until ready to use. We chose the name POPsicle to mirror the products cooling effects!
Arrives SUMMER 2018 

#SZ Essential Oils

 At #SZ, we are dedicated to the purity of every ingredient used in the production of our products. Due to this, we decided to create & use our OWN, HANDMADE, infused essential oils! May be used as a fragrance oil, diffused into the home/car, or dropped into a soothing bath!